Wednesday, May 2, 2018

REVIEW: Shoppies Wild Style Wave 2

This crazy picture represents today's Wave 2 Wild Style haul! A lot of people have had luck at Walmart, but not me. So Target had Valentina, Donutina and Peppa. I grabbed Peppa right away and then debated between the other two. I want to like Donutina's dolls, but I somehow never do, so she stayed behind. Valentina won me over with her tiny bangs curls and the shape of her mouth making her almost look like she had mouse teeth.

Then at TRU, they had the new pets, so I picked up matching ones for the dolls and then the hamster, because hamster.

Peppa is super cute. I'm always a sucker for crimped hair, although hers is a little out of control. I don't like to brush it because it loosens the crimping, but hers is aiming in a few different directions. Finger-combing didn't fix it, but I still won't brush it. 

Minty Paws is so cute! She might be my favorite pet.

And that Shopkin is gorgeous. I don't pay attention to their names, but it's lovely.

Peppa's wild hair from the side. Part of it is in a ponytail, all of it is crimped and aiming in different directions.

Still cute though.

Here are Peppa's accessories on the left and Valentina's on the right. Peppa's Shopkins are cute, but nowhere near as cute as Minty Paws'. Valentina's are cuter than her pet's though.

I expected to love Peppa more, but Valentina surprised me by taking over. Her pigtails are so fat and curly! They're fabulous. I adore the bangs and the mouse ears and the cute mouse tail. She's not really that pink either. I expected the shade of the mouse, but Valentina's hair is more that 80s neon Kimber red. Pinkish, but not too pink.

She's really top heavy because of the hair though.

Fat curls! I honestly expected her hair to be terrible, but it's fabulous.

And here's Hip Hip Hamster. He joins Foxy Lemons in being ownerless. Heh. I have no intention of buying the matching dolls for these two.

Being that I own two hamsters though, I do love this one, even if the outfit is ridiculous.


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