Saturday, May 12, 2018

REVIEW: Disney Store DuckTales plush

Not a typical review from me, since I don't usually do plush, but I saw these guys on the Disney Store website and that reminded me to check out the show.


So of course, I had to order all four plush.

They're 10" tall and $14.95 each.

Huey wears his red polo shirt and trademark red baseball cap.

The hat is particularly well-detailed. It's even got a little fabric button on the top.

Dewey wears a blue t-shirt over a long-sleeved lighter blue shirt.

Not that they're separate shirts, of course.

Louie's rocking his green hoodie. His is the best made shirt of the three, but a hoodie requires a bit more detail than a polo or layered tees, so it makes sense.

The most detailed though is Webby, because she's got a full outfit on.

I love her "hair" and its pink bow.

If you're a DuckTales fan, you NEED these plushies. They're just fabulous. I'm looking forward to more toys from this show.


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