Thursday, May 31, 2018

REVIEW: Shoppies Pommie and Lolita Pops

I was thrilled today when I went to the farther Walmart and found all three of the things I really wanted!

First up are Pommie and Lolita Pops from the new Season 10 Shoppies Shop Style line.

These are more basic offerings than the past Shoppies, because they are the fabulous low price of $9.97 each.

Each doll comes with one Shopkin (instead of 2), a stand, a comb and a little card. No more fancy plastic cards or big lumpy purses. I'm okay with that for the cheaper price.

If you remember, I already have Jascenta and Summer Peaches from this line. (Mine are just missing the combs.) So these were the only two I needed to complete my set.

I was so excited to finally get my hands on Pommie! After Jascenta, she was the one I wanted most. She's even better in person, too, because I got to see her hair from the back and it's curltastic.

You wouldn't think I'd love the pink one so much, but her pinks are all ones I like, and she's got nice other colors, too.

I love her big smile!

Awwww, yeah, lookit those curls! Love them!

I'm also amused that when I turned her, I also turned her Shopkin, who is apparently also mesmerized by her giant curly pigtails.

Okay, maybe not that giant. Sorry, Valentina, that's your game.

But they're still pretty big!

I love her boots.

And her bracelet.

I really think these S10 Shoppies are better designed than a lot of the earlier ones that cost $5 more. I dunno. I'm just loving these four ladies.

Like Lolita here.

I actually like her the least of the four, but she's still splendid.

Her peace sign hand is adorable and I love how they sculpted her mouth.

The name might not be the best choice, but eh, kids aren't going to know. Or they shouldn't anyway!

So yeah, I highly recommend all four of these girls. The price is certainly right and the designs are lovely.


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