Monday, May 14, 2018

REVIEW: Barbie Fashionistas #90

I saw this girl on Amazon a few days ago and snatched one up. She's one of the very few of the upcoming lineup that I like. Very few. As in there's really only one other one I like.

She was $9.99 and she seems to be popping in and out of stock. It was really luck that I stumbled on her. Based on the review dates, she's been in stock on and off since early April.

The rainbow dress is cute, though predictably, it's only a front print. On the plus side, I do like the color of the back.

I didn't even bother taking a full shot of her, because they made two dumb decisions: 1) flat feet and 2) flat feet in ugly plain white sneakers.

How do you not do rainbow heels? COME ON.

Not a huge fan of the earrings though. They're fragile and are already getting caught in her hair. As a kid, I would have broken them in less than a week and not by being rough, just by doing something simple like brushing her hair.

I love super dark-skinned dolls like this one. Loved Felicia from Bratz, loved Chandra from So in Style. I think this girl's darker than Chandra. Maybe even Felicia.

She's really stunning.

She's got nice blue eyeshadow, too.

Here's the rest of the lineup from the back of the box.

#87 is the one I really want!

And there's the rest. Not nearly as good as the last batch, in my opinion.



  1. I wish they had at least *some* articulation. They're Fashionistas, which means they model. You can't really pose them in "model"-type positions. Also, if the Rainbow girl did have some articulation, I might get a couple more of her, bc I love her dark skin. :) Oh well....

    1. I've never been an articulation snob, so she's perfectly fine to me. Plus, that would jack up the price and I'd buy far less of them if they cost more.

    2. I doubt we'll see them in my area, so I'll have to go online and get her. :) Some Fashionistas like the Boho one are about $15 US, and have some articulation. That seems reasonable to me.