Friday, May 11, 2018


Unlike bear-heavy March, things were more balanced out in April.

Although my first picture is still a bear.

Brady is from the 2018 Charlie Bears collection. I hadn't planned on getting him, because he's bigger and I'm really trying to keep to the smaller (17" and under) ones. But I fell in love with one from my stockist and then he was the first one chosen by someone else, so I found this adorable one from another stockist. I think he looks very close to the one I missed out on.

I actually got to do some reviews this month, which was nice. I'm not going to repost pics you've already seen though.

The first two were DC Superhero Girls signature dolls: Hawkgirl and Cheetah. One sorta disappointing, one even better than expected. Other reviews were Incredibles 2 Violet and two of the gorgeous new Season 10 Shoppies.

I bought Amuse's Bull Bull Boo with the intention of picking up at least 2 of the remaining 3 and I still haven't. He's a great little plush though. So cute!

Then came my highlight of the month. One of my highlights of the year really.

CRYPTKINS. I'm a huge monster/cryptozoology fan, so I've been excited about this guys since we first saw the designs months ago.

From left to right: Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Cthulhu, Jersey Devil, Mothman, Twilight Mothman, Nessie, Nightcrawler and Yeti.

And Thunderbird. I had to buy him separately. The others all came from one auction.

I would someday love to own the Ogopogo (purple variant of Nessie) and Phoenix rares.

My faves are Jersey Devil and Nightcrawler.

I love expressive bears and Tango is the most full of disdain bear you will ever meet. He judges me every day.

An unplanned purchase, but he was my most wanted from my stockist's older stock and she put him on sale and I had to have him.

I got amazing deals on two boxed G3 ponies.

I've wanted Marshmello Coco (misspelling all Hasbro's) back in my herd for quite awhile. I love brown-eyed ponies!

And Sno-Glo was a nice bonus. I love the pale peach color of her brush. I like really, really light pastels sometimes.

I bought the little manticore years ago from Whimsy Works and I follow them on Facebook to see what else they've got coming out.

Well, I joined in a contest they did and was one of the winners! I got this lovely Fireball Owlbear as my prize. He's fab. And orange. I love orange.

And to close out the month, here's little Zuri from Ty Beanie Boos.

Yeah, the month looks like a lot of plushies, but there were 5 dolls in there that got reviewed, so yay for that.

I mean, honestly, there just isn't a lot for dolls out right now. I do have one of the new Fashionistas on the way. I'll give her a review early next week. And I'll have another exciting review later in the month that I don't want to jinx by speaking about too much!

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