Monday, April 30, 2018

REVIEW: Shibajuku Girls Wave 3 Koe

This doll, man.

I got Yoko from Wave 3 at the end of DECEMBER. It is now MAY.

This lovely lavender-haired Koe never showed up in my area. I never saw her on Amazon or ebay, so I finally got lucky enough that a friend found her for me, and she arrived today. The only ones my Targets ever got were 3 of the mint-haired Yoko and 1 of the blonde sporty Miki. Shibajuku Girls has never had good distribution.

Koe is quite a strong addition to the Shibajuku line. I tweaked a lot about the Wave 1 dolls and made some adjustments to Wave 2, but Wave 3's been pretty spot-on, at least with the 2 that I like.

Koe's hair is good quality and a blend of lavender and white. Part of it is up in adorable little buns.

Her white shirt has a kitty on it, as well as cute pink paws prints on the collar. I like how it's not just a plain t-shirt, but one with a collar and 3/4 sleeves. That goes nicely with the cartoon kitty picture.

Her skirt is a simple lavender affair and her white socks have the pink paw prints like the collar. Her sneakers are a nice lavender.

I think this is easily the best Koe of the three released, although I do like both the Wave 1 blonde and the Wave 2 blue-haired version. There's just something about this one that's super cute.

I don't care for any of her barrettes, but honestly, they'd take away from those adorable buns, whether it's the point of the line or no.

Koe is annoyingly hard to find or at least she was for me, so grab her if you see her!


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  1. You are so right got lucky and 1 was in my target but none showed up in any other near me now they are all GONE in stores the end of the line for these babies3