Thursday, April 19, 2018

REVIEW: Incredibles 2 Violet Doll

I ordered the new Incredibles 2 Violet doll on Amazon and she arrived today.

I haven't seen this movie in eons, but I remember loving Violet. Except for her taste in clothes at the end. Heh. I did have her original doll from the Disney Store, but this new one is far prettier.

Violet is quite poseable, as she should be.

She comes with a one-piece superhero costume, a pair of ankle boots and her mask.

The costume is really well-made. It's a bit tight to take on and off, but she's not exactly a good redressing doll anyway, because her hands are black.

The hands do pop off at the wrists, if you want to redress her. It would be impossible to get those sleeves off them otherwise.

She has cute little high-heel feet that remind me of the deluxe Disney Fairies, also by Jakks, and I tried one of those shoes on her. It did fit, but not perfectly.

She wears short ankle boots to mimic the look of her actual thigh-high boots.

Her mask has a slightly sticky surface on the back. It clung to her face pretty well the first few times I had it on, but if you don't get it on just right, it falls off. It's also already losing its stickiness. So maybe decide if you want yours to wear hers or not, because there won't be much switching back and forth before it becomes useless.

On the plus side, she's far cuter without the mask. This type of eyes that Jakks loves works really well for Violet, because she's all big round head and big round eyes.

She's so much cuter than the old doll!

Her hair is very nice and soft.

I definitely recommend Violet to fans of the movie and her character. Even if you just like a more unusual-looking doll, she's good for that. She's just not good for redressing, unless you always put her in long sleeves.


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