Saturday, April 21, 2018

(P)REVIEW: Shoppies Jascenta

I got this Jascenta from an ebay seller who had all four of the Season 10 girls shown at Toy Fair. Apparently, she got her from a friend overseas, so I'm thinking factory rejects like what shows up on Taobao. None of the four were boxed, though a backcard was pictured with them. I'm not sure if the final versions will have the combs shown with the Toy Fair ones or not, but this one does not. (Which makes sense considering its possible origin.)

Jascenta is my favorite Li'l Shoppie, so when I saw she was getting a full-sized doll, I was thrilled. I'm even more thrilled to have her in hand, because she is GORGEOUS.

I'm calling this a preview instead of a review, since this is not definitely the final product.

Jascenta's pale blue hair is finely textured, which was a very pleasant surprise. I love how it feels and it swoops out from her head so perfectly. Obviously, the doll with rooted hair was not going to have hair anything like the Li'l version but this is a nice alternative. Part of it is pulled up in a little loop, reminiscent of the Li'l Shoppie's.

Jascenta's top is blue with pink and pearly blue accents. She's got a perfume bottle on the front and a giant pink bow around her neck like a choker. I love the bow touch. It's quite elegant. Her short skirt has a perfume bottle print.

Her legs are pale pink and have molded swirls and sparkles on them. Her shoes are transparent pale blue with perfume bottle heels.

Jascenta's headband is a giant pink bow with a blue perfume bottle in the middle. I'm leaving it strapped down for now. I plan on buying another Jascenta when she hits stores, so I'll probably undo that one's headband.

Everything on her face is blue. Blue eyes and eyebrows. Blue lips. Blue eyeshadow. Blue sparkles by her eyes.

Jascenta comes with a stand and this cute little perfume bottle Shopkin. According to the back of the box, this is Peyton Perfume.

Jascenta is definitely my new favorite Shoppie! There's just something about her, the same as with her Li'l version.

I've got Summer Peaches coming, so stay tuned for a preview of her in a couple days.


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