Monday, April 23, 2018

(P)REVIEW: Shoppies Summer Peaches

My second Season 10 Shoppie from ebay arrived today. Lolita Pops and Pommie both sold quickly after I bought Jascenta, but poor Summer Peaches went unsold. When she was relisted, I had made some sales and had some more spare fun money, so I made an offer and got her for a cheaper price. I think she's super cute, so thanks to all those people who passed her over!

Summer is shown here with her Shopkin, Sweetie le Peach. That's the best photo I could get of her. My camera was just refusing to focus on something so tiny tonight.

Summer has wavy peach hair that's pretty nice. It's better than a lot of the other Shoppies', but not as nice as Jascenta's. (To be fair to Summer, most Shoppies don't have hair as nice as Jascenta's!)

Her entire look is in shades of peach, mint green and white. She has cute tiny peaches in her eyes and a peach on each cheek.

Her little skirt is quite poofy. Her left arm is actually keeping it held down.

I love the details on her leggings, bracelet and shoes.

Here's Summer with Jascenta. Summer is my darkest-skinned Shoppie. I love her skintone with her color scheme.

I'm definitely looking forward to this season hitting stores. I really want Pommie now! (And Lolita, although much less than Pommie. She's my least fave of the four.)



  1. uhhh dont like the season 10 shopkins tho.

    1. I only collect the Shoppies and Lil Shoppies.