Wednesday, April 11, 2018

RANKING: Li'l Shoppies

I decided to tackle a ranking project, as I love to do these to wind down before bed. I realize it's almost 3am and I'm just getting started, but hey, I'm a night owl. I got some new Li'l Shoppies tonight, so they're the subject of this ranking. I am not including the ponies. They're too hard to compare to the dolls.

In last place: Cocolette.

Cocolette's doll is gorgeous, but the same color scheme did not work for her smaller version. It's not obvious in the photo, but her hair is molded to appear like it's dripping. The dress, the bow, the shoes, it was okay there, but her hair? No. On top of that, she has an open mouth that does not photograph well. Poor thing.

I just bought Marsha Mello tonight and I stood there, wondering if I should get her. I'm realizing I should have left her for someone else. I adore her doll, but again, she just did not translate to small very well.

I do like her color scheme and her face is cute, although her mouth isn't well-painted. But everything else...meh.

Kristina Apples. I was happy for a red-haired girl when she came out, but she's oddly somber and not nearly as cute as Chelsea Cheeseburger, who shares the same color scheme.

She's not bad, she's just not great either.

Kiki Creme.

Really cute with the cookies for hair buns and the tongue sticking out, but her colors are kind of all over the place. The top of her dress is shapeless pink while the bottom is a cookie, then come bright leggings and pink shoes? Odd.

Points for the tongue though.

Ballinda and Skatlyn.

I couldn't separate these two, because I really can't pick between them. Ballinda's hair is great. I love the color and style, but Skatlyn's shoelace shorter hair is also great. I prefer Skatlyn's outfit, except for Ballinda's one drooping sock, which is awesome. So my sporty girls are tied.

Chelsea Cheeseburger.

Another victim of the open mouth like Cocolette. It's just not working. I do love the sailor burger theme though and I'm always here for red, and those two reasons are what moved her above the sports girls.

Kirstea was one of the first two Li'l Shoppies I bought, along with Spaghetti Sue. (Sara Sushi wasn't on the shelf.)

While I loved Kirstea at the time, it's her full-size doll that's especially stunning and compared to her and some of the other Li'ls, Li'l Kirstea looks a bit sloppy. Her face and hair are very cute, but all the brown mess on her detracts from her cuteness.

Daisy Petals.

I initially had her much higher, but I often change rankings as I review the photos and do the write-ups. Daisy's another open-mouth tragedy. I really think she'd be much higher up if she had a closed mouth. Her dress and shoes are gorgeous. I love the full-sized Daisy much more than her smaller version. I do love the flower ones though.

Tippy Teapot is another that fell a few places. She's not a bad doll by far and better-detailed than her sister Kirstea, but the competition is getting stiffer.

Excellent color scheme though.

Sunny Meadows.

She and Tippy flipflopped a few times. I ended up putting Sunny higher because I love her hair a lot, and her dress, shoes and the little pink ribbon/bracelets around her wrist.

Fria Froyo.

I was certain she was going to be much lower, but as I held her next to other dolls when making the initial ranking, she kept climbing higher, and just now in the photo review, she climbed several spots.

Fria's advantage for me is her matte lavender hair. The side curls are so cute and I love her outfit. If she didn't have the brightly-colored mess of a headband and she had some more color on her shoes instead, she would have been way higher.

Coco Cookie's brown theme is likely boring to a lot of people. but I like it. I get sick of pink and purple and blue and pastels. I know she's got pink, but I also love pink with brown so that negates it. And her pink eyes rock.

Coco's a good example of how a lot of the newer dolls could use more detail. She's got plenty of it!

Rosie Bloom has the rare distinction of actually being as cute as her larger doll and the bonus of being better-dressed.

She's my favorite of the flower girls. I love her color scheme.

Spaghetti Sue and her spaghetti hair were an early favorite for me. She was the one I wanted most, along with Sarah. Everything about Sue is great from her color scheme to her outfit design to her bright green eyes.

Cici Science was a must have, because I love girls doing science. The lab coat and glasses really sell her, but her whole design is great.

I love full-size Macy Macaron and I love little Macy, too. About equally, which is unusual. Little Macy's hairstyle is my favorite thing about her. Just don't think macarons are macaroons. I hate that.

Okay, this was a hard one. I almost put Pia tied with Macy, because I love them both a lot, but I gave Pia a few extra points for her bright colors and her actually pulling off the open mouth. Her shoes are terrible though.

My Bridie's eyes are a bit off, but I love her a lot anyway. She's an unexpected one, because I'm not into brides or pink or white. However, that particular shade of creamy light pink is one of my favorite toy colors. That and how cute she is on her pony are why she made it so high.

I just got Coralee tonight and she blows her big doll out of the water. Har har. Her hairstyle is just awesome, as is her entire design.

Queenie Hearts' mismatched colors work for her, unlike for Kiki Creme. Her hair is a gorgeous shade and I love her outfit with its reds, white and bronze. Her lime green eyes are what make her really pop though. 

Hollie Wood has one of the best outfits in the line. I love the
elegant colors and just absolutely everything about her.

She should have gotten the USA doll for the world travel full-size line.

Crystal Snow is GORGEOUS. It's only because competition is really tight that she's placing fourth. I love that they made a winter doll using purple and white instead of the more often seen blue. I also love these new petkins that are things for the girls to stand on, like these skis and Coralee's surfboard.

I eagerly await a full-size Milly doll that tries to pull off this hair. She has the second greatest hair in the line. Her color scheme is nice and I love her rosy cheeks.

Sara! I love Sara Sushi. She was my first big favorite in the line, although it was Peppa Mint that finally got me to buy a Shoppies doll. I adore her outfit, her color scheme and her sweet face framed by that darling hairstyle.

Sara and Milly have stood on my coffee table in a place of honor since I got both of them.

Only one topped them.

Number one: JASCENTA.

Jascenta's hair is the only style better than Milly's. I'm so thrilled she's getting a full-sized doll! Her hairstyle, pearly-detailing, unique outfit and color scheme make her my favorite. She's the one who gets to ride Cutiecorn, after all.

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  1. Lil Cocolette is one of my least favorites in general. The oozing brown to me makes her look muddy or unclean. Her regular sized doll is my first and favorite Shoppie though. My Bridie's eyes are off too. Maybe they are all like that. Sara ranks high on my list and so does Rosie. Lil Coralee is cute, haven't seen her in person yet. I liked Milly but not as much in person. I always thought Moose was taking a jab at MGA's Mini Lalaloopsy with that one.