Sunday, April 1, 2018


This month is a LOT of bears.

Like a LOT.

I haven't bought much else.

So let's start with the Scary Godmother doll, since I opened the month by reviewing her.

She remains awesome.

I went on a bit of a Disney kick early in the month, starting with the 2018 Aurora. She's pictured on the left here with the 2015 Aurora on the right. I bought her a few days later.

I got this super cute Care Bears Cubs Grumpy at the same time as the 2018 Aurora. I need to get back over to that Walmart and see if any of these are left.

I briefly dipped back into G3 My Little Ponies. I used to own Lickety Split here and I'm happy to have her back. Too few ponies have brown eyes.

I also picked up Chilly Breezes.

And Morning Glory.

And Wondermint. Then I stopped with the ponies.

For now.

I got a couple Chicks with Wigs (shown with LOL Cheeky and Lil Shoppies Crystal Snow for size comparison). I'll be getting more of these eventually.

More new princesses. New Jasmine is on the left. The one on the right I've had awhile.

And Merida. I love the new Merida (on the right).

I haven't seen Pocahontas or Mulan yet. Hopefully soon!

I picked up this guy at Walmart. I initially did not like these Fur Babies World toys, but once you play with them you gotta kind of love them.

Elsie was the first of the March bears. I got her from Charlie Bears Direct, because I had a feeling we would not get her on our QVC show. (I was right.)

I made a surprising trip back to Monster High to finally bring home Maul Monsteristas Gigi, who I've wanted for ages.

She's so stunning.

I love almost all of Gigi's dolls.

I also got Spectra from the same set and she's one of the best Spectras ever.

I picked up this giant squishy sloth at TRU. I don't normally go for these squishy things, but I do love sloths and it is quite satisfying to squish.

I stumbled across this line on Instagram and had to have Rozu. The characters are from Rilu Rilu Fairilu. I may get another someday. I don't import much anymore, but she was worth it.

I still can't believe I have all the Babysitters Inc dolls! I finally found the Asian girl and the boy in Walmart by 100% sheer luck.

All the rest of this month is stuffed animals. Mostly Charlie Bears. If you're a doll person, you might want to check out right now.

I knew March was going to be a bear-heavy month. Elsie (the first one I posted above) was a surprise purchase, but Elspeth here on the right was not. I knew she was going to be released any day and was lucky enough to be home to buy one. She's a limited edition of 600, designed for and named after a little girl via the UK's Make a Wish program. She sold out after only a day, so she's quite sought after already.

Quick break from the Charlie Bears. These two are Bunniekitties from Dreary & Naughty. I've never read their books so I have no clue about them, but I thought they were cute and they're surprisingly cuddly.

Back to the bears. Scrump is one I've wanted for a couple years, as he came out in 2016, but it's taken me this long to find just the right one. I wanted one with a lot of orange by his eyes, like it is by his right eye, but I saw the gorgeous colors on this one's body and then I didn't care if the left eye was darker. He got delayed in delivery so I was upset about him for a few days, but he finally turned up and I love him. He's great for cuddling.

Tara is a slightly older bear I always liked whenever I saw her. She popped up on ebay for a great price and I bought her. She's super soft and has magnets in her paws so she's fun to play with.

Then came the QVC show on the 22nd and...I got a lot of new bears.

This is MishMash, who's mt favorite of the lot.

This one's Higgle.

This is TC.

Little Flapjack is only a foot tall.

And Ainsley.

It's a lot of bears.

But then my first 2018 pre-orders from my stockist came in!

These two are Chutney and Lime Pickle.

Definitely underrated bears from the new collection, but I think they're growing on people. They're much better in person than they photograph.

I still wasn't done though!

I got an incredible deal on Paignton the red panda. He's from Charlie Bears' Bearhouse range, which are cheaper (but still pricy) bears without joints, so they're more like a typical plush.

Paignton is priced at $62 regularly. I got him for $27!

He's 17" tall and simply gorgeous. I love all his materials and his face is so expressive.

Paignton was going to be the last, but then I kept seeing people's pics of Karl and I decided to try him out, so yeah, I love him now, too. The brown fur they used for his arms and legs is both soft and really thick, unlike any other CB I own.

And mine has cute freckles that I haven't seen on anyone else's!

Just one more! I got this guy on QVC, because I've been wanting a new throw blanket and he came with a matching one. Not a Charlie Bear, but another great deal from QVC.

Loads of bears this month. I can promise less next month. Mostly because I cannot afford to buy this many again! I do have another in transit, but we'll save him for April. And I'm hoping to have a pre-order or two come in, though not all my remaining ones at once!

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