Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Charlie Bears on QVC

Charlie Bears are back on QVC in a little over 4 hours! The listings for what's available are already up and I've made my purchases. Here's a link:

The cheaper prices and Easy Pay should only last for 24 hours, so if you are interested in any, grab them now. However, some of these are available from US stockists for cheaper prices and they'll let you pick out your own personal bear. I love to choose my own face, so I only buy ones on QVC that are part of the "Secret Collection," AKA: not sent to stockists. They don't have all of these bears in yet, but it's worth the wait to choose your own.

Stitch, Tiddles, Kiri, Clawdia, Annabelle and the 3 keychains are leftovers from the first show. 

The new Secret Collection (QVC only) bears are: Mish Mash, TC and Flapjack. (I ordered the 3 of them.)

2018 bears are Karen, Julian, the 2018 Year Bear, Higgle, Karl, and Ainsley. My stockist has Julian in stock right now and Karen coming in soon. Karen is only $126.95 from my stockist, so QVC is over $20 more. I really do recommend supporting the stockists for these ones. I have the year bear on pre-order myself.

The others are all older bears stockists should have right now. 

If you're in the US and need some recommendations for stockists, let me know. 

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