Thursday, March 1, 2018

NEWS: Monster High

Two new Monster High lines were mentioned a little while back by Tumblr user and promo photo finder extraordinaire darth-alinart: Ghostly Tea Party and Howling Hoodies. Well, today pictures have surfaced thanks to buried Amazon listings!

These are quite a surprise, because as we all know, MH has been putting out less and less these days, and the majority has been more younger fan-oriented. Both these lines, at least in the promos, feature the old level of MH articulation: neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, knees and wrists.



Being that she's the ghost, Ari's the one hosting this teeny tiny party of three. She's got some out of the box hair going on, although it doesn't fit with the rest of the line. It's growing on me as I look at the close-ups, but she decidedly looks like a poodle with the top pouf and then the bottom looking like the ears. Her dress is simple yet elegant and the print and color scheme are great. The lime green brings a fresh touch to her usual colors. Her shoes are absolutely awesome, all chains and teacups. Her accessories are mostly lovely. The self-pouring tea is a very monstery touch and the translucent fan, too. I'm not thrilled she stole Spectra's purse though. Didn't she take enough from poor Spectra? I'll be buying her though. I just might put an Ari without poodle hair into the elegant dress instead.


Clawdeen has not looked this good in a long time! The elegant hairstyle is absolutely splendid on her and I like her makeup look as well. Those sunglasses have got to go though. Her accessories are cute, too. I do love the cut of the dress on her, but Clawdeen is the only one whose outfit loses Clawdeen. Ari's got her theme and Lagoona has hers, but Clawdeen's is very generic. Food on top, monster words on the bottom. Only the mostly obscured animal prints give any hint that this is her outfit. I'll be buying her and giving her some old clothes. Sweet 1600 would look excellent, I think.


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Simple, elegant hairstyle with a pretty hair ornament. Looks a little Venusish, but there are seaflowers, too, so Lagoona makes it seem like her own. The ruffled top is adorable, but it's that pencil skirt that brings this look home. The print and colors are fabulous. Her teacup accessory is great, though I'm not a big fan of the dripping food tray. Definitely buying this girl.


They had me from the concept of this. It just sounded super cute. The dolls come with a going out dress and shoes, then a hooded pajama outfit and shoes, AND their pets!


This is perfect for Laura. Shorter, cute hair, simple makeup. The dress is cute and the shoes are very nice, but it's the pajama outfit that's obviously the best here. Aside from the cute, furry hood, it has BAT WING SLEEVES. Her boots are great, too. I do insist though that pink bat is not Count Fabulous. It's Draculaura in bat form.


While the doll looks like many other Venuses, the outfit makes this a must buy. The pajamas are perfect and those boots are hilarious!


I like Twyla best. You're so shocked. She's got some black in her hair, which is a nice touch, although I'm not thrilled they kept the weird scallops under her eyes from Garden Ghouls. They made them darker, too, so she looks a bit sleepless. She kinda works it though. The pajamas are perfect. The boots are a bit strange. They seem like they should be for a different character, but all of the boots are odd, so they all match at least.

Definitely buying all six of these dolls. If MH is ending soon, at least they're giving us some great last stuff.

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