Friday, March 9, 2018


Better late than never! Idle Hands has been updating a lot of photos recently, so let's look at some of the exciting stuff they shot better than anyone else even tried. (They are the perfect example of how still photography will always trump videos.)


A better look at Barbie than anyone else attempted. I'm not that into the majority of the new Fashionistas lineup, but this one is one of the best they've ever done:


I can't remember if I showed this or not, but it's the most exciting thing Enchantimals had at Toy Fair and it was from Just Play, not Mattel. (Mattel only brought the new Danessa with smaller Sprint, plus the swan, wolf and tiger, which we've seen on Amazon.) I adore their plushies and I'm thrilled to see the turtle, who was one of my early faves. The flamingo is a nice, more unusual choice, and the monkey and lamb are darling. Give me them now!


I have never been into LDDs, but that Batman Returns Catwoman is pretty amazing. The only one I've ever seen by them that I like more is the Lydia from Beetlejuice that I stupidly never bought. The blind box figures have a cute little Skelita-esque character, too.


It's been awhile since I watched a few eps of this and I've completely forgotten the white-haired villainess's name, but her figure is amazing and I need her. The non-transformed Piper is super cute, too. 


Far cuter ones in Series 3 than the current Series 2. The big ones are really cute. I might get that tiger and llama. A pony and a poodle are also coming there. The smaller ones have some very cute ones, too. 


Okay, I'm not one for gimmicks, but this looks fun. You get a fluffy ball that you wash and reveal its pet type, then you dry it and groom it. They're really cute and fluffy, and you get a dog, bunny or kitty. I'm definitely trying one!


These are the new Polly Pocket-style teeny tiny Shoppies. Not thrilled they're blind-packed. Ugh. I'm over blind-packed stuff. New Donutina and Marsha Mello dolls come with their own, which is cute. Marsha is clearly channeling Mystabella so maybe disappointed kids will be happy with her instead. (Yeah, right.) Note the new articulated elbows. Not a big deal to me, because they're never going to be a very articulated doll, but eh, some people like that sort of thing. 

Happy Places has some amazing stuff coming up. I love a lot of the new character designs. There's a white-haired girl driving the car that I'd love to see better. She's in the tub in the house, too, but still not shown well. Ah, her name is Kokonut! She's on the packaging of the bigger set behind Coralee. Good. Then she'll be easier to find. The single pack ones with unicorns are all awesome, but my fave hands down is Popsi Blue and her uni. Then Faith and Isabell. The new Li'l Pets are pretty cute but not super cute. 

There's a Cutie Cars album, too, that you can find yourselves if you're so inclined. 


I'll likely never buy any more of these, but some nice stuff here. 


A new hairplay line for the younger set. 

I think those were the highlights for me, but you may like something totally different, so follow one of the links and then find yourselves in Idle Hands' loads of albums. 

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