Friday, October 6, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies World Vacation Rosa Piñata

Rosa was the only one I was really excited for from the Americas wave and I ordered her on

She arrived today packaged in a large bubble envelope. You know, I expect that kind of nonsense from Amazon, but this is a first for TRU. Not good, guys. Thankfully, the doll was fine.

Rosa is stunning! I absolutely adore her. My only complaint is that I wish she was as dark as her art. She has the lovely skintone I refer to as the "Nevra," which is a fave of mine, but the art is sooooooo pretty.

See? Super pretty.

It's actually the first box art I've clipped in awhile.

Rosa is traveling in Mexico, but also seems to be Mexican herself, so I assume she's just checking out a different city.

Let's move on from me babbling and look at the doll.

I can see myself gushing over this one for quite awhile!

I have two different groups of favorite Shoppies. The first group are my favorites and the second group are the ones I think are the prettiest, but may not necessarily be as favorite as others, even ones they're prettier than. If that makes sense.

My favorite Shoppies right now are both Sara Sushis and Marsha Mello.

The ones I think are the prettiest are Kirstea, Macy Macaron and Lippy Lulu.

Rosa Piñata is in both groups. I think she's the prettiest of them all. Even prettier than Kirstea, who's held that title since her release. But she also takes the #4 spot on my favorites list, right behind Marsha.

Rosa is a delightful color bomb. She has lovely purple and blue hair, both shades I love, and an outfit in white, red, yellow, blue and orange. I love her bold colors! Her makeup is gorgeous and she has pretty lipstick, too.

Everything about her is just wonderful.

Her hair is in silky fabulous ringlets. Shoppies is really the one line that consistently nails ringlets.

Rosa's got the heaviest headband of any of my girls, so she's a little top heavy. I've got Spaghetti Sue behind her with her hand up, so she's helping support her!

Not the best pic, but her shoes have tiny
piñata heels! SO CUTE.

And here's all her stuff: suitcase, passport, art tag and Shopkins. The Shopkins are a cupcake and a piece of candy.

I absolutely love this girl. I've got mixed feelings about this year's Shoppies overall (too much pink), but they've had a few that just really knocked it out of the park. For Europe, it was Macy, although Sue is no slouch. For Asia, it was Sara and now for the Americas, it's Rosa.


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