Tuesday, October 31, 2017

REVIEW: Regal Academy LingLing Iron Fan

I learned about the LingLing doll from a friend, who then hooked me up with an Italian website where I could actually buy her. Definitely using that site again in the future if I want any Italian dolls. It was easy and she got here fast, even though I'm not too big on DHL, but everything worked out perfectly.

LingLing was added to the Giochi Preziosi Regal Academy line recently. I honestly have not seen any of her episodes yet. I have vowed to catch up on at least 2 shows while on vacation and Regal Academy is one I'm planning on tackling.

From what I've read, LingLing is a warrior character, who's a bit socially inept.

In true Rainbow fashion, the Asian character has blue hair. LingLing shares the same dark yet bright blue as Winx Club's Musa.

I love the Giochi Regal Academy dolls. They've got great articulation and the hands are cute. The worst thing is that due to how they're packaged, they don't stand very well. Their lower legs tend to get warped, so they have to stand with their ankles crossed.

LingLing has really nice hair. It's soft and silky, which I know I say a lot about good doll hair!

I love the color, too. I always loved it on Musa, although I do wish they'd never lengthened her hair.

LingLing's eyes are a yellowish olive green like Joy's.

She wears a dress with a pink top, black waistband and light blue skirt. That's all one piece and it's worn over a separate pair of pink pants.

The clothing quality is decent. The materials used are a bit basic, but not bad.

LingLing's shoes are the same mold as Astoria's, only they're pale pink and black.

I love the faces on these girls. They're very simple, but beautiful.

I think Joy is still my favorite of the dolls, but LingLing is a close second. They look cute standing together and I've added both to my coffee table display of favorite dolls. Joy, Astoria and Rose had been there for quite awhile, but were replaced a few months ago.

If you want LingLing, I believe this is the only way to get her. When I spoke with the employee at Alpha, she told me they had no plans to make LingLing. I haven't seen either of the boy sets available anywhere yet either, so I'm hoping we still get those, but as for LingLing, at the moment, she's Giochi only.



  1. Oh man, she's gorgeous. Need (And yeah, that hair is kind of a staple for Giochi Asian characters. When I saw the first image my first taught was 'Did I miss a Winx line?' before I saw the logo.)

  2. My Joy and LingLing came today, and I LOVE them! The hair is seriously SO nice. I can't stop stroking LingLing's. Unfortunately LingLing had an unfortunate accident, I was bending her left arm and the joint snapped. :( I wrote to Giochi customer service to see if maybe they can send me a replacement arm so I can just pop the broken one and replace it. I think it was just an unfortunate fluke, since the rest of her joints and Joy's are fine.

    1. Also, I think I have a different version of Joy, since she doesn't have the 'sassy' brows that yours has. That's unfortunate, but she's still a cutie.