Wednesday, October 11, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls 18" Harley Quinn

Harley was supposed to arrive last week, but just vanished for several days with no tracking update. I was all set to call TRU's customer service when I got home from work today, but this morning, she arrived at the post office.

Weird, but then, it is FedEx "Smart"post. Sigh.

Harley is my first look at the DCSG 18" doll line. My Walmart has the toddlers and so does Walgreens of all places. And Ross actually. I almost gave in and got Wondy and Batgirl for $14.99 but showed some resolve for once and left them there. But TRU has neither toddlers nor their own exclusive of the 18" dolls.

So yeah, the box is huge.

Okay, for all of you that own or have at least seen the other 4 dolls, are they all this great or does Harley just blow them out of the water? Because she is AMAZING. She might actually be my favorite DCSG doll to date.

I should mention that Jakks Pacific did these dolls, not Mattel, although of course the designs are Mattel.

Anyway, back to Harley.

The most obvious awesome thing about her is that she FINALLY has the right hair. The bangs aren't the exact shape of the animated character's but they're close enough to make me happy.

The sticking point for most people on the original Harley doll is that her legs are red and black plastic.

Well, the sticking point for me is that she lacks bangs. I actually prefer the 6" figure because she at least looks like the character design.

And now, so does this doll.

Her hair is super soft and silky. I love that it curls nicely and doesn't lay lank like my original doll's.

She actually looks even cuter with the mask off, but I'm leaving mine on, because it's Harley. For now anyway!

This doll is just so adorable. I love her. She's my favorite Harley thing in my little collection.

Her outfit is well-made and all individual pieces.

My only real complaint is about the sleeves. I hate sleeves like that by velcro, because I almost always snag them, even when I'm trying to be careful.

Also, be prepared to wear black glitter. She sheds.

The back of the shirt is white. Nitpickers and naysayers will probably have something to say about that, but then again, don't they always?

The belt is sewn to the front of the shorts, but that's easily removable. I left mine sewn for the time being.

Her mask actually has normal straps, not like a pair of glasses. It also is held on by clear plastic bands, so I'm leaving it like that.

Her body looks good and is nicely articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and mid-torso. She's a kind of odd combination of lightweight and sturdy. She doesn't weigh a ton like some of my Tonner dolls, but she still feels sturdy regardless.

Her shirt is held in place by a clear plastic band, so it's like a bodysuit, but not. I adjusted the placement when I redressed her, because mine was crooked, as you can see in the pics up there.

Everything was easy to take off and put back on, except for the velcro meets fragile sleeves thing I mentioned before.

Her mallet fits in her hand perfect, unlike the rather awkward mallet from the original doll.

Overall, this doll blows the original away, poor thing. You can see the difference here.

I mean, yeah, she's a $35 doll vs. a $20 doll, but still. I will never understand why they left the bangs off the first one. It's such a simple thing and it would have made her so much better.

As if it wasn't already obvious, I completely adore this doll. So are the other four worth getting? They're not exactly cheap and I can't pick them out in person, so I want to know if they're worth the risk of ordering online.



  1. Oh, yeah, I adore her for precisely the same reason. I managed to create her bangs on the normal doll, but the head proportions and the charmless face didn't go away. This doll looks much better. Her bangs already exist and should be fairly easy to style properly, her head isn't huge, and she has more polish. The worst thing about her is that they didn't make a properly sized hammer. Even the 12-inch doll's mallet will be too small. Otherwise, she looks fantastic and I need her.

    1. I don't mind the smaller mallet because she can actually hold it. Trying to display my original one with her oversized, top-heavy number is a pain. Besides, I imagine Harley has them in all sizes!