Monday, May 1, 2017

NEWS: Enchantimals

I found some Enchantimals listings on Amazon finally! Only a few have pictures and some links came up dead, so we'll see what comes of any of these. Some are even labelled "Ever After High."

Sage Skunk:
This is one of the single packs and the only listing where we've got packaging photos. I know her name because it's on the box, not in the listing. This is going to be one of my favorites, I can tell.

Bear theme pack:
This seems to be a more deluxe pack with two animals and several accessories. I don't remember seeing either of these before.

Owl theme pack:
Another deluxe one.

Flamingo theme pack:
This is my favorite after the skunk. She is gorgeous! And the flamingos are my favorites of all the pets so far.

LOVE the deer girl!

Panda house:
Love this girl, too. I hate buying playsets, but I will for her.

Fruit Cart:
And I'll end up with this, too. I adore this monkey girl.

With the cute turtle girl.

Duck theme pack:
No picture, but I'm guessing a deluxe pack.

Cat character:
Maybe a single pack?

Karina Koala:
This one we've seen.

Patter Peacock:
Her, too.

Mystery listing:

"Cafe accessory:"

I think these are really cute. Yes, they're basic, but they're for younger kids. With MH and EAH seemingly winding down, this is going to be good for the younger market, but there's a big hole in the older girls' market now. Kuu Kuu Harajuku isn't going to be enough to fill it and DCSG's releases are awfully slow, so as popular as that is, it's not going to do it either. Hopefully, we'll see some funky new dolls for Mattel that are the quality level we've come to love. Although I'm going to be buying a ton of these, because I like a variety in my doll sizes, articulation levels, etc. As long as the design is cute, I'm in.


  1. I think these dolls are very cute and interesting, I like the consept alot. But I dont like the moulded on tops, since It is really important to me to redress my dolls. I really like the deer girl as well.

    1. They're little dolls for younger children, so I think the tops are fine. I wouldn't even call these fashion dolls. More like just play dolls.