Wednesday, May 31, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Minis Frost, Poison Ivy and Starfire

My new minis just got dropped off by UPS! Starfire's got some smeared paint, so I'll eventually buy an upgrade once they hit stores, but the other two are perfect. 

These are $4.99 add-on items on Amazon right now. Check my previous post for the links. 

I don't collect too many of the action figures, unless they're super awesome, but I've gotten all the minis. They're a nice price point and small enough to look great with my doll display. 

Frost is my favorite out of the entire set of minis, Series 1 and Series 2. She's perfect! They gave her the right hair, unlike the doll. Her power effect is nice and she just looks completely great.

I love the long swooping ponytail. 

I put all the others in my room on my DCSG display shelf, but Frost is sitting on my coffee table, because I want to keep looking at her. 

Starfire looks pretty good, although her pose is a bit awkward. The starbolts don't really translate well into plastic form, unlike Frost's ice. 

I do like the shades of orange they used though.

Her hair is attached to the base, but it pops off easily, so you can turn her head and pose her a little bit. 

Mine ended up with a smeared eyebrow and a couple smaller smears on her mouth. I'll grab an upgrade whenever they show up in stores.  For five bucks, I can afford it. 

Ivy looks great! I hate that she keeps getting left out of things. They need to do more with her and fast! I'm even buying her molded outfit Mission Gear doll when it comes out to support her.

These are awesome little figures at a nice cheap price. Great to add to your displays! I hope more come out soon. 


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