Sunday, May 14, 2017

REVIEW: Kuu Kuu Harajuku Angel

I love Angel. She looks like she's the Sporty One, but NO. She is the Fashion One. Surprise!

I have had a rough time with this girl. My first one had horribly off eyes and paint rubs. The first one I pulled out of the box from this order also had off eyes and a thin spot in the paint where the white went across the indent line. The second one I pulled out was this girl and here eyes are PERFECT. I was so thrilled. And her bangs look great, too.

Then I noticed it.

Big honkin' lip rub.

Angel, however, is gifted with tan skin and a more natural lip color, so the rub is actually not that noticeable. I know it's there, but I also wanted an Angel with great eyes like this because she is SO cute, and I decided to just open her and if I find a perfect one in a store, I can upgrade. That one can wear the uniform and this one will get a fashion pack.

So that decided, I think I willingly opened a lip rub doll for the first time ever.

Angel is basically wearing the same outfit as Love only blue is her color, while Love's is red. And the initial on the top is different, of course.

Her knee pads are different though. Love's have little ruffles and Angel's don't. (Baby's also have the ruffles, while Music's don't.)

Angel's headband thing is velcroed at the back, but stapled to her head with plastic bits, so I left it attached, same as the other two's plastic headbands.

Her barrettes are kind of irritating, because they're designed to be barrettes, but they're just on with plastic bands. And if you were to try to put them on right, you'd totally mess up her hair.

I gave Angel the charm that's her own head. I'm trying to just give the girls one charm each, but most of these are kinda duds. I didn't mind Angel's gold star, but she's already got four others. It's kinda overkill.

Her hair is a lovely blend of colors, as this pic shows pretty well.

She has four braids with the two in front being a little longer. The left braid has two barrettes, the right has one.

Here she is from the back. Nothing major going on here.

I should note that Angel's knee pads don't stay on as well as Love's do when it comes to moving her legs. The right pad has already flown off twice.

Her kid accessory is a pair of angel wing barrettes, which makes me wonder why none of her charms were wings.

Her other charms are a gold star, blue guitar and blue bear purse. What is it with her and the bear purse? Didn't the figure get that, too? Must be an episode I haven't watched yet.

Anyway! I love the Angel doll. I will definitely be watching my stores for one with both good eyes AND no lip rub. I'm just glad she's the skintone she is with that lip color, because if that was G with a rub through bright red lipstick over pale skin, she would have been going back to Amazon.

These dolls are so super cute, but man, they really need some QC help!


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