Thursday, January 9, 2020

REVIEW: Hairdorables Shortcuts Series 2 Jelly Hair

Hairdorables Shortcuts Series 2 is out! I didn't post the link here earlier, because the listing had no pictures and I wanted to make sure I was getting the correct product before advertising it. I'll post the link at the end of the review.

So these are $9.99 on Amazon.

This series is called Jelly Hair.

They do still have batch numbers and codes, so hopefully we can work together to make a list of codes.

Mine is batch 3059MT01. And this is #302.

The containers are the same format with the little sections you pop off.

And there's the background.

Back of the background.

Numbered containers.

#1 has the skirt.

#2 has the card and stand piece. I never use the stands because they're huge and ugly, so let's just chuck that.

And I got Dillon. Dillon is very drawn to me. She was the first of these that I opened for Series 1.

Sticker and accessory in #3. Those glasses look familiar!

Agh, she's adorable. The hair is indeed quite jelly-like. It's soft and stretchy and a bit pearly.

This is Disco Dillon.

Definitely digging the hair on these. I'll be getting more, though I can't right away.

One set is Birthstone-themed. A lot of them have a gemstone on their shirt. Not sure if it will be an actual plastic gemstone or just a drawing. Probably a drawing.

And the other set is Favorite Things.

There look to be three different hairstyles, sort of. One is really straight, one wavy and one wavier than that. I'm not sure if the hair will all be like Dillon's or if some will be different textures.

The ultra rare is a Marisol, who's got a China theme this set. All three of her dolls have it.

Told you those glasses looked familiar! How cute.

I'm liking her a lot, so I'll be getting more. I might even like this hair better than the actual hair from Series 1.


BATCH 3059MT01 CODES (confirmed):
Disco Dillon 302
Stella Rex 314
Snacktime Emma 316


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  1. I just did an Amazon search for the Jelly Haired ones, it looks like it's plastic gem stone on the shirts