Monday, October 3, 2022

REVIEW: Monster High Lagoona Blue

WOOHOO! Lagoona was always my most wanted after Cleo and I was so envious of all the people who had her early. I'm glad Amazon got her in stock so quickly after the original batch came out, so I could get her here fast. 

I'm also thankful she's not flawed. I really didn't want to play the return replace game until I got a good one. 

I should probably note that I don't care one bit that she's pink. She's quite a different pink than Draculaura. I would call her Crayola salmon pink. I think of a proper salmon as being way more orangey. You know, like the fish. But crayola salmon was definitely a pink and that's exactly what she reminds me of. 

Lagoona has the only art I cut out to save as a bookmark aside from Cleo's. 

Also like Cleo, you can see a lot of differences in her look. 

Moving on to the accessories. Her water bottle has a fluke for a removable cap. Cute. 

Her backpack is a big pink shell. I have no idea why it's drippy. It's not like shells are known for melting. I don't like that part of the design, but otherwise, it's very cute. 

The straps. 

Lagoona is the only one to have a second outfit: an adorable swimsuit. I love the colors of this!

Cute sunglasses. 


"Goldfish" and kelp chips. 

Fans of the original Neptuna can see her on the goldfish package. 

And the new Neptuna! She toppled Watzie as my second fave pet. Sorry, Watzie. 


I love that she stands so well. 

Straight from the box. My flash makes some of her colors stand out more than they do in regular light. 

She is SO CUTE. Those big brown eyes. Gorgeous. 

Her hair is quite long and it's pretty frizzy. Not in a bad way so much as a deliberate way. I have not brushed this and I don't think it would be a good idea. I think it would poof out into a giant mass of hair. 


I think I've forgotten to mention in all these reviews that none of these dolls have a lick of hair gel. Not even Draculaura's perfect bangs, which I really should have mentioned in her review, but I was overwhelmed with joy last night and forgot some stuff. 

Outfit pieces. The hood has no velcro so it's kind of a pain. 

I did not do a direct comparison, but I'm pretty sure she has the same body type as Clawdeen. 

From the side. 

She has scales on the front of her forearms and fins on the sides. 

I wish they'd kept the webbed fingers. I loved that. 

In the art, she's got blue on her hands, too, which also would have been cool. 

And the back. 

Not sure what's up with the unpainted bits behind the knees. It's a bit distracting. 

This is so lovely. I wish she had more of that orange in her clothes. 

The sunglasses are actually quite cute. I'd let her wear them except I don't want to hide her brown eyes. 

Shoes on. 

Another just because. 

I love her necklace.

With the shorts? Ehhhh. No. 

Definitely no. 

Okay, better. 

I kept the swimsuit on. I like the little peek of pretty orange ribbon at her neck. I may end up putting her just in that eventually or seeing if some of G1 Lagoona's shorts might work. 

So pretty. 

Sigh. Love her. She's my second favorite after Cleo right now. Only Toralei with a haircut could topple her. 

I think we all know how much I hate fanny packs, but I will make an exception this once. 

Somehow it works for her and I like the design. There's even a bite on the side. 

Backpack on!

Final look for now. 

I absolutely adore this doll. I hope those of you that are holding a grudge against her because she switched colors will really look at her and give her a chance. She's amazing. 

A little update from yesterday. 

I did remove Frankie's vest and I'm so much happier with them now. They're actually sitting behind my head on the back of the couch, supervising me writing this. 

After this, I gave their camera to my I Heart Fashion Iris Clops. It goes so perfectly with her outfit and Frankie kept dropping it and spilling the pictures out. 

Clawdeen got her salon time. She went through a conditioning and then air-dried and got finger-combed. 

I think she looks much better!

I also decided to keep the vest off. She holds the bag much better without it and her look is growing on me.

Next up will be Ghoulia. She's on her way. There's a possibility she'll get here tomorrow, but otherwise Wednesday. 

Still have not seen Toralei for sale. Walmart's failure to have its own exclusive is pretty appalling. 


REVIEW: Monster High Frankie Stein

Frankie was the other one that had to grow on me, but it took longer than Clawdeen's instant love. 

Their art is cute but makes me wish they'd gone for the shaved side like the animation has. 

Frankie is a little more boring in the accessories department. 

Sunglasses. Definitely reminiscent of G1 but I'm too lazy to find some and compare. 

The backpack is awesome. 

Jacket front. 

And jacket back. 

Phone. Pretty cute. 


Whatzie is my favorite pet after Anubyss. 

Straight out of the box. 

They're pretty, though maybe a little blank compared to the others. 

Great earrings and I like the barrettes. 

Their hair is really nice. Soft and silky like Laura's. 

I think my biggest issue is that they lose their neck so easily.

All the pieces. 

Belt. This is cute. 

The taller body. 

Yes, they are blue now. It's due to Universal having a copyright on Frankenstein being green. I think they look fine. They're definitely still recognizable as Frankie Stein. 

The prosthetic I thought was a bit of an odd choice, because they're made up of various body parts, so why not just source another leg? But then in the animation preview, it showed them having a whole lab full of changeable parts, so that's going to be part of their thing and I get it now. 

The prosthetic is cool-looking. I like it. 

If they don't make a gimmicky Frankie that comes with a load of changeable parts, they're not doing their jobs right. 

This is when they really started to grow on me. I like the little blouse. And I like seeing more skin between the top and the skirt. 

Cute with the jacket, cuter without. 


Cute but definitely not staying on. 

Too many layers, I think. 

Well, no, I don't hate it. 


Ah, the phone pose. 

Backpack on!

And the final shot. Frankie took a while to grow on me, but by the end of my reviews, they got there. I think I'm going to restyle them later and take the sweater vest off. I prefer just the blouse or the blouse with the jacket. Not sure yet. The backpack was a little bit of a tight fit, so I'm not sure it will fit with the jacket on. I'll experiment later. 

So Frankie will get a restyle, Clawdeen will hit the salon, and I should have Lagoona to review tonight. 

Now for the shot that threw off my whole review because I had to take the pictures in stages so I could set the dolls aside nude until I got Frankie deboxed. 

So each one has a different body. 

Laura is of course the curvy one. She's the only one with a bigger chest. The Chest piece on the other three looks the same. 

Only Laura has her lower torso, but also only Cleo has her lower torso. She nips in more at the waist than the lower torso that Frankie and Clawdeen share. 

Frankie's height is all limbs. They basically have the same torso as Clawdeen. 

Laura has the biggest thighs, but Cleo is very close second. She's really not much smaller. It's mostly that her thighs are longer because she's taller. 

I hope they do a tall but curvy girl. Maybe Abbey? 

I'll be doing body pics for Lagoona tonight, but I'm not undressing them all every time there's a new addition. I'll just reference this photo and what we know they look like.