Wednesday, July 11, 2018

NEWS: Hairdorables!

Just Play brings us a new blind boxed line called Hairdorables:

For $12.99 apiece, you can get one of 36 different dolls. There are 12 characters with 3 different looks (2 rare dolls, 1 ultra rare doll). Each doll comes with 10 different surprises: a collector list, signature card, comb, stickers, shoes, accessories, etc.

These dolls look incredibly cute and I'm definitely going to be collecting a few, but I think I'll mostly be ebaying them, because $12.99 isn't cheap for not knowing who you're getting.

On the website, you can meet the 12 different girls and see art of their different looks. I wish they had the doll pics, too, but art is good.

BELLA: Blonde dancer whose favorite color is pink. None of her dolls are my style.

HARMONY: This neon yellow-haired musician has some Pizzazz going on! I love all 3 of her looks, but the first, shorter-haired one is my favorite.

NEILA: The outer space girl! Her alien look is by far the best, but both of the others are cute, too.

KALI: Science, tech and coding. All of her looks are cute. I'll need to see the dolls to pick a fave.

BRIT: The sporty one. Considering she plays multiple sports, I wish all her dolls had different themes, but they're all soccer. She's cute, but not one I'll seek out.

DEE DEE: The chef. Well, sweets chef. Points for them using the correct spelling of macaron! This one is much cuter in doll form than her art. Like from the art, you wouldn't think I'd want her, but I've seen 2 of the dolls (1st and 3rd looks) and she's darling.

WILLOW: A pastel unicorn fashionista. I have a feeling she'll be popular with the target market.

SKYLAR: The Hawaiian traveller. I like her 1st and 3rd looks.

RAYNE: Rainbow roller skater. Cute but not my style really.

NOAH: The leader. All of hers are stinking ADORABLE. And points for making the leader not pink, even though she does wear some pink. I want all of hers.

KAT: The animal lover. Cute, but not one I'll be looking for.

SALLEE: The white-haired artist! I love her! All three of her looks are gorgeous.

I don't know who my favorite is, but I definitely want a lot of these girls!


  1. Oh, these are cute! My favorite is Sallee's look with the skirt that looks like a Mondrian painting.

    1. Yes! I love that one, too. I'm ridiculously excited for these.