Thursday, March 9, 2017

OVERVIEW: Callie 'n' Friends

Callie 'n' Friends is a small line by Creata. They were produced in 1995 and there were 6 sets of 4 figures each, plus 3 larger playsets.

The figures are very little, only about an inch and a half for the tallest ones. Their faces are really cute in a unique way.

I can't remember how I got into the line, but I know I had the tan horse from the Western Round Up set for years. I'm guessing I got it during my pony-collecting days.

Years later, I'd amassed quite a few of them, and I finally learned in 2011 what the line was called.

The 4-packs are pretty easy to find on ebay for reasonable prices, but no one seems to have any of the larger sets right now. This isn't a very popular line, but they do turn up a lot more often than other obscure lines, so I don't imagine it would take too long or cost too much to collect them all.

I think they're really cute, especially the Native American set and the campout girls.


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