Thursday, August 22, 2019

HACK: Hairdorables Shortcuts

So I'm a very recent (like yesterday) convert to Hairdorables Shortcuts. I always intended to get one to see in person, but one turned into four and I want more.

This is Bella's little sister Dancin' Dillon, the one I opened yesterday. She got me hooked.

This isn't a proper review, but a place to hopefully put together code hacks for the line, but these dolls each come with a hairtie skirt, a barrette, two pigtails and an accessory. (Dillon's is her wings, which you can't see that well.)

Here's Mighty Maya, Willow's sis.

Sun-Kissed Marisol is Skylar's sister.

Gah, adorable suitcase!

And Pet-Sittin' Robin is Kat's sister.

She has one of the cutest accessories I've ever seen in any line.

A tiny hamster ball with a TINY HAMSTER IN IT.


Here are the backs of their heads so you can see the multi-colored painted hair detail.

But the point of this post is that these girls have numbers on their packaging. I think we might be able to hack this line.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this til after I threw out Dillon's packaging, but I did write down all the info for the other three.

Underneath the UPC, there are two numbers. The longer one is the same for every doll in the case. Mine was 1269MT01. But then after that comes a 3-digit code. All of them in the case were different.

We have the complete list now, thanks to an awesome member of my FB Hairdorables group. These are the ones paired with the 1269MT01 code.

Emma Zooms 285
Say Cheese Emma 286
Dancin’ Dillon 271
Hip Hop Dillon 272
Vibrant Violet 289
DIY Violet 290
Team Charlie 273
Super Fan Charlie 274
Sweet CeeCee 275
Vitamin CeeCee 276
Pixel Quinn 279
Bookworm Quinn 280
Marisol in Flight 291
Sun-Kissed Marisol 292
Hoop C Daisy 287
Bloomin’ Daisy 288
Magical Maya 293/123
Mighty Maya 294
Ultimate Maya 295
Galactic Stella 283
Jurassic Stella 284
Super Star Zoe 277
Jammin’ Zoe 278
Dog Walkin’ Robin 281
Pet Sittin’ Robin 282

You can figure these out by subtracting 40 from the 1269 codes. So Galactic Stella is 243 and Pixel Quinn would be 239.

Can't wait to see who I can find at my Target and Walmart.


  1. i got one and i loved the packaging. sorry, tossed the code though. the doll's hair is so soft.

    1. No problem! Just try to keep me in mind if you open another. Every code helps so we can see if this really works.

  2. 243 is also Galactic Stella.
    I like these more than I thought I would!
    You were right, Lori, they’re so cute :)

    1. Aha, a new set of numbers. Interesting. Was the longer code in front the same?

  3. Is there a list of the codes for Series 1?

    1. The codes at our store are 1269MTO1 123

    2. Interesting! Looks like that's a new set of numbers.

  4. 1269MT01 123 is Magical Maya. Her hair does not look like the sheet. She has hair like Book Worm Quinn and Dancin' Dillon