Thursday, April 6, 2017


I love Squishables, but I usually collect the mini sizes. I only have one 15" full size and that's Cthulhu, who lives in my closet because he's so big.

Well, I just got an email that the poor Mothman is so in abundance that they're offering him for $9.99. A $44 stuffed toy for $9.99 plus shipping. 

I've always liked Mothman, so I got one. Now I need to take new pics of Cthulhu so I can list him on ebay. There's only room for one closet Squishable. 

If you want your own cheap Mothman, he's here:

The coupon code is AMOTHMANFORYOU. You can only use it on one Mothman and the 9th is the last day to use it. 

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